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Posted on October 27, 2013 – 06:03 pm
Gerni Classic 110.1PC Pressure Washer Reviews Australia www

Gerni Classic 120.2 PADHigh pressure washer with included accessories for outdoor cleaning tasks. The Gerni Classic 120.2 PAD high pressure washer is ideal for all types of low frequency outdoor cleaning tasks. It's trolley is designed for easy storage of all the standard accessoriesGerni Classic 120.2 PAD features:Cable length - 5mVoltage - 230-240VRated power (KW) -1.7Water flow QMAX/QIEC (L/H) - 520/350Pump pressure (BAR/MPA) - Max 120/12Hose length - 6mMax inlet temperature (°C) - 40Weight (KG) - 8.9


Repairs include

2007-10-26 14:20:50 by pourquoi_pas

Very low water pressure in the kitchen, (to the point where it is impossible to do the dishes), a non-working heater, a constantly broken elevator, washers and dryers that literally either pour out water when you try to use them or you get an electrical shock or a spark and smoke coming out (and those are the ones that work, not mentioning the majority that just don't), the hallways are constantly crawling with goes on and on.

i know you can 'repair and deduct,' so maybe i'll try that, but for the bigger, general things, it's just not possible.

think i'll try to contact a help agency of some sort.

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